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America’s Worst Airports for Flight Delays

Find out at which airports your flight is most likely to get delayed—and which times of day are worst for takeoff. ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 2
The Swiss are known for their long history of accurate timepieces, but the Germans know how to use them. At most German airports if the schedule says 2:32, the plane backs up at 2:32.
btweston 6
Good for them. But I'm pretty sure that airport delays are not caused by a failure to tell time.
joel wiley 1
"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." John Muir:My First Summer in the Sierra (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1911)

Sure, the first flight of the day gets out on time, but it has to land somewhere.
Traffic flows along fairly well until the system hits saturation.

How about a study of traffic volume vs delays. Look at the on-time stats for KRIR
Kevin Romero 1
Between the delays at EWR and the price it cost to fly in to that airport, its been a better idea/option for me to fly into LGA or JFK (which some days don't do much better) then EWR. I will admit, the NYC area is only for pleasure for me.
Mark Lansdell 1
Amtrak gets you in to the city center. By the time you arrive an hour or more early, park your car, .... then fly to EWR, LGA, or MacArthur Field (ICP) then collect your stuff and take a cab or bus into the city you could be on your second Manhattan. It's making less and less sense to fly into NY.
toolguy105 1
BWI has been rehabbing and resurfacing its runways for the past 18 months. The work is about complete. I wonder how much this work on the two main runways effects the amount of delays. The airports main carrier is Southwest for which many of the delayed flights start well before the aircraft arrive at BWI.
Location,location, location. Duh! Ain't gonna change. So a trip across the country might take a couple extra hours--got the Pelosi syndrome huh!!
sparkie624 1
Only thing that surprised me is that DCA is not on the list...
Beech33Pilot 1
I ride on 80 - 90 segments each year and my advice is to fly early, even stay an extra day to take the 1st flight and avoid most of those airports since all but Chicago has alternates. Using this method, I have only been delayed for thunderstorm on the field and plane breakdown in the past several years.


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