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B-52 Sheds Flaps On Takeoff Thursday

A B-52 bomber being test-flown on Thursday after undergoing maintenance shed flaps from both of its wings on takeoff, according to officials at Tinker Air Force Base in OK. It was not specified if it was the inboard, outboard, or all of the flaps that separated from the airplane. ( More...

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Paul Haglund 6
Is there an emergency procedures checklist in the flight manual for "Multiple Flaps Missing".....
SootBox 3
You know what is amazing? My grandfather worked for Boeing at Tinker on these planes... he's been dead for 40 years.
preacher1 3
The old adage "they don't build 'em like that anymore" really holds true with the BUFF
joel wiley 1
I found a reference to 744 produced. Any idea how many still flying?
joel wiley 1
Thanks Preacher. Followup found among others:
It seems to be at 76 at last count.
Another 43 or so are listed on display at
preacher1 1
I dunno. Wiki has several pages but all on the surviving list are on display somewhere. Operational are at Barksdale and Minot and are H models. Past that you'll just have to dig more. I know that I was stationed at Davis Monthan in 68-69 and the boneyard was cutting up the older models then.
tim mitchell 2
I wouldn't want my name on that work
preacher1 2
Well, that's why they call it a test
So that's where all those extra nuts and bolts were supposed to go...
Years ago I saw on the news where one shed a wing just taxiing. A small indication that maintainence and time are in a battle.
bentwing60 1
It was at Barksdale AFB, Shrevesport LA. And it broke off at the wing root while being refueled for another sortie, after having just landed. Two lucky crews, one tired airplane.
I'm sure those pilots spent time in the O club that nite.
Brian Nasset 1
But did it take off
joel wiley 1
"The engineer who reported the incident to the paper did not wish to be named."
I suspect the engineer is not the only one with such a wish.
Torsten Hoff 1
Hopefully they shed in a symetrical way...
Paul Bishop 1
So, the B52 stop flapping it's wings at the wrong time?


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