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Pilot fatigue 'one of the biggest threats to air safety'

It was a cold winter night on 12 February 2009 when Continental flight 3407 took off from Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey, on what should have been a fairly routine flight. ( More...

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Roland Dent 1
Haha..big surprise!
WtfWtf 1
Pay them more than 16k a year and they can afford an apartment on base and a healthier diet. Every hard working professional deserves a comfortable place to sleep well.
Neal CLARY 1
Continental 3407, eh?
Roland Dent 1
The BBC can't handle numbers. A lot of the staff are hired from the private schools here in the UK. The kids were not that bright when they started and by the time they are finished they speak well and understand how the sysytem works but they still can't handle abstcract concepts like numbers and science. Way it is here in the UK.


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