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NTSB reports look at Chicago O'Hare close calls

Federal safety investigators are reviewing two near-misses involving regional jets at Chicago's O'Hare airport in 2011. Nobody was injured, but the incidents illustrated the risks in using intersecting runways at the country's second-busiest airport. ( More...

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preacher1 1
They really don't need to look at write ups or reports. All they need to do is just sit there and watch for a day or 2. "Sorry bout that" is kinda like a good landing, one you walk away from. It was close but they made it. Sounds like the Pilot got a little irritated too.LOL
N0626JC 1
preacher1 1
Tks, for the link. Better than the story. Kudo's to the pilots for the heads up. I know we are supposed to listen to our controllers, BUT, we are flying the plane.
Tom Bruce 1
tough place to work - spent a day in the tower years ago.....scary.... crossing runways are a safety nightmare. At least in SFO, there's only one tower controller and he/she can see it all.... much different in Chicago


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