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Cockpit video F-16 Heritage flight

Pretty cool! A F-16 Falcon (Piloted by Captain Garrett "Mace" Dover) and a P-38 Lightning (Piloted by Steve Hinton) heritage flight in the California Capital Air Show. ( More...

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The best in the air. Past, present, and future. Let's keep it that way. Thank you Captain.
David Sims 2
The F-16 does not actually use the stick movement to control the aircraft, but the pressure of the pilot's hand. The original F-16 stick had no movement at all, but pilots reported that it felt unnatural so General Dynamics changed the design to allow some movement.
JetMech24 1
Don't know where you heard that, but it is false. The stick just takes very small movements.
David Sims 1
"Originally the side-stick controller was non-moving, but this proved uncomfortable and difficult for pilots to adjust to, sometimes resulting in a tendency to "over-rotate" during takeoffs, so the control stick was given a small amount of "play". - Pike, John. "F-16 Fighting Falcon." Global Security, updated 27 April 2005

It is quite common knowledge among Air Force junkies.
JetMech24 1
Was not aware of this, but seems odd that a pilot told me that most times, during normal turns and such, that he flew the plane with just one finger resting on top of the stick.
Peter Douglas 1
Yes, very cool. But a few things surprise me - one is that the visible stick (his right hand) hardly moves, even during fairly sharp direction/attitude changes. I assume that is the hand flying the F16, as several times he uses the other hand to reset switches etc. Is that extremely small stick movement normal in a fighter jet? I'd expect the side-to-side/up-down movement of the stick to be several inches, not less than one.
Also, I'm surprised how hard he is working - note the chest heaving - for someone who is obviously very fit. Flying one of those F16's is obviously a lot more physical than I'd expected.
Peter Steitz 3
Pete, yep it is. What you don't feel in the video are the G's he's pulling. Even with a G-suit, you have to prepare for the pull and make sure you have lots of breath. The stick movement is very small even in a non computer controlled fighter jet. They are so responsive that it doesn't take much. Lots of folks think the pilot is moving a lot but that's not the case. Your head is just on a swivel that is attached to your body that has an airplane attached to it.
Michael Byrne 1
Great Video!!!
great vid,and thanks to both pilots,you rock.!!


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