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Interview with a pilot: 7 insights from the cockpit

As we feared. Some jobs are just cooler than others ( More...

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tim mitchell 6
O'hare and Kennedy are bad spouses
Add LaGuardia, Newark, Philadelphia, Dulles, etc.
Larry Toler 4
I like how they are fed. Chicken or fish... I had the lasagna.
I think there are some numerical errors in that article:

- "We cruise at an altitude about the height of Mount Halla on Jeju Island (1,950 meters)..." A cruising altitude of 1950 meters is awful low, only about 6100-6200 feet.
- "Kicking off on the runway at 350 kph..." That's a bit fast (almost 200 kts).

I'm not sure if the issue is an error in calculation, but the fact checkers at CNN need to check a little bit better.
dymekd 2
He is most likely referring to cabin pressure, typically in the 6-8000 ft range. That is a cause of the fatigue noted in the previous sentence.
That makes more sense. Probably an error in translation, or just a difference in syntax.

Still, leaving the runway at 200 kts seems a bit fast to me.
The spouse thing killed me.
Roy Kizzia 0
My Panda AV says that page has exploits on it and blocked it. FYI.


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