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MEDEVAC Heli hits cell tower, loses skid, lands on mattresses

Some quick thinking by the pilot and firefighters to get crippled chopper safely on the ground. ( More...

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Landing wasn't the big deal. Hitting a tower and still flying is where the big luck came in.LOL
Mike Mohle 4
Quick thinking along with a little luck. I will take that any day!
Kevin Hamel 2
This landing turned out to be a sleeper.
I have flown by that 'mickey mouse' unlit tower many times over the last 20 years! It is probably about 130 ft. or so.....sits in the middle of a large hwy interchange, on a direct line to the old BAMC (SAMMC) ground pad, if you are approaching from southeast.....and if you are on an approach to land, and not familiar with local hazards, and the ground surrounding it is all grassy and totally dark, which it is.......yeah, it could be missed! I know where it is and give it a wide berth always.....Great flying after impact!!! 'But for the Grace of God....!'
Kudos to SAFD.....great organization!!!
Ole Eskildsen 1
Puts a new meaning to the term "soft landing" :-D
Torsten Hoff 1
I'm glad that worked out OK but it just as easily could have gone sideways -- it seems to me that the rotor wash could have sent a mattress airborne and possibly been struck by the main or tail rotor.
Could have but they did put down 45 pound weights on the mattresses. I'm sure they put down more than one.
Ben Lillie 1
It said they put down four of them.
"The aircraft was directed to the airport, where San Antonio firefighters under the direction of Capt. Kevin Campbell were tasked with landing the damaged helicopter."

"in other news, 3 people will be sleeping on the floor because of helicopter landing on them" but all jokes aside that's some scary stuff
tim mitchell 1
they're probably going to make him/her wish they had totaled it....they'll be walking through the crew room when someone will say "the reception around here sucks must be because of that cell phone tower you took out" or "one skid" or "fluffy bottom, broken tower...really the list goes on....great job on every ones part though.
Roger Nale 1
Not the first time its been done. Soc Trang, Vietnam,1965. Over eager pilot took off too quickly and lost lift. Hooked skid shoes of a heavily loaded UH1B gunship on PSP (perforated strip planking) and tore off both skids and aft cross tube. A crew chief came up with the idea of putting mattresses on rotor blade shipping boxes. Worked out just fine! The unit was Co. A, 101st Aviation Batallion, 101st Airborne Divison. I have photos.

Roger Nale, T-Bird 2
That's my old unit; the Comancheros. I was with them 70-71. I got one skid shoe hooked. Damn near turned me over. I can't remember what gave, probably the shoe, but the blades got real close to the ground. I was way overloaded and had to land to the psp
without a hover and probably scooted a little forward. Fun days. Lol
Bernie20910 1
"Honey, you're not going to believe the size of the bedbug I just saw on the mattress..."
Dale Woodruff 1
Reminds me of the fairy tale about the pea under the mattress. Great job guys.
toolguy105 0
Landing on mattresses not to bas. Hitting a cell tower in flight, bad idea. Hitting a cell tower in flight and remaining in the air: Priceless. Give that Pilot a cigar before you fire him.
Well they don't know yet if the tower was lit properly... wait to see if it was or wasn't then fire him LOL


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