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Never knew a C172S makes so much noise!

Residents who live around Santa Monica Airport will get no relief from aircraft noise because the City Council has shelved a controversial proposal to pay student pilots to practice elsewhere. The measure, which was rejected Tuesday night, would have offered flight schools at the airport $150 every time student pilots and their instructors moved to other airports in the region to work on takeoffs, landings and other maneuvers. The six-month incentive program was voluntary and would have set… ( More...

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Toby Sharp 14
Or you could not move close to an airport if you dont like plane noise......idiots.
tim mitchell 3
that always amazes me...In most cases you would think the realtor called the airport and asked them to hold all their flights while they showed off properties to their suckers; I mean potential buyers
jhakunti 6
saw a bumper sticker today that read "i love airplane noise"
Toby Sharp 3
you must have been behind me!
Phil Rabalais 4
Someone really should tell the whiners to cork it. These people are the same sort that build houses by racetracks, then bitch about the noise until we're putting mufflers on race cars do we don't offend them.
preacher1 2
Change the pattern and put 'em over somebody else for awhile
That's not a bad deal, it would cover some costs...
Tom Hope 2
For decades, people have been building closer to the airports. To me, it's like....well, it's like building next to an airport. Foolish people, often will whine when things go wrong, for which they had already ignored their own advice.
Ric Wernicke 1
The airport was there long before any of the residents of the Peoples Republic of Santa Monica moved in. Most are renters in housing where the landlord cannot raise the rent. Of course they don't want to move so they complain loud and long about everything. Their solution is to use the money paid by their landlords to the city to move their problem elsewhere. This means the city has less money to improve the city.
John Shanahan 1
The completely idiotic part of this story is that the $150 "paid to flight schools" would ultimately be recouped by the state or local municipalities in the form of aviation usage fees and fuel taxes imposed on the same flight schools, and ultimately students.
Lewis Tripp 1
Build or buy a house near airport and guess what happens.
Lewis Tripp 1
As they say...You can't fix stupid.
meeverett 1
I suggest the local government take care of this problem by condemning everything within 5 miles of the airport, enacting eminent domain, and demolishing all of it. Set a precedent.
preacher1 1
Like that's really going to!!!!!!!!!!!!


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