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Meteor reports briefly ground Colorado firefighting planes

Authorities grounded firefighting aircraft battling an out-of-control blaze scorching central Colorado on Wednesday, reacting with caution to witness reports of meteor sightings. The temporary move came amid several reported sky sightings near the fire burning 1,100 acres, or nearly 2 square miles, west of Colorado Springs. ( More...

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blueashflyer 8
seems to me risk of flying fire-fighting planes is greater than the risk of meteors. What is the chance of a meteor hitting an airplane inflight? Beyond miniscule?...
Senn Bttiss 2
The link takes you to the wrong story.
Gary Rogers 1
You wonder about the qualifications of the people in charge that make these decisions?
Bruce Arnold 1
There is nothing in the article mentioning meteors?
Bruce Arnold 1
There is nothing in the article mentioning meteors, ?.
Wayne Fox 1
Sorry but like Bruce I couldn't find any mention of meteors in the cited story.
preacher1 1
Well, it's in the lead here but not in the article. I believe that URL/Story has been changed or updated. I read it yesterday and it was there, but you are correct, definitely nothing now except in the lead at the top.
Brian Smith 1
How about meteors starting Forest FIRES? More likely than a lawnmower being in the middle of the forest.
smoki 1
Meteors? What meteors? Nary a word about meteors appears in article. Gotta be more off the wall sensationalism but then considering the source, it's understandable. That would be one helluva meteor shower to cause grounding of planes. If the objects were still hot and burning that close to the surface then it seems to me the threat of that being the source of ignition for the wildfires would be the greater concern.
I can see the meteors mentioned in the URL....
preacher1 1
I think the URL got changed. The first story up there had it and the grounding in it toward the end of the story
Matt Lacey 1
It seems like the average person has no idea how to manage risk any more, but then again maybe they never did.
russianaviator -1
i have never seen nor heard of a fireplane
OhanaUnited 2
Evidently you never heard of CL-215 and Cl-415.
nope even though im a pilot
Asaad Alamgir -1
Caution and safety come first !!


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