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Google Earth on FlightAware

Like Google Earth? Now on FlightAware -- click the "Google Earth" icon on any past flight to examine the route & altitude in 3D. ( More...

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James Crane 2
What happened to the "Google Earth" feature?
Daniel Baker 1
It will be back tomorrow -- sorry about that!
Joyce Matthews 1
Last night I was able to track my grandson's flight in Google Earth, but that option has disappeared from your screen - why is this available only for 'past flights'? (Another flight tracking app allows live following in GE.)
James Crane 1
No problem, I was on a flight yesterday that did a lot of vectoring around thunderstorms and wanted to check out the path. Thanks
Saad Ansari 1

I am trying to export the KML file to ArcMap so that I can see the flight path along with its long/lat coordinates along the way. I can see this information in Google Earth, but only see the two placemarks for origin and destination.

Is it possible to view all the elevation and flight path in ArcMap?

Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.

Saad (
John Strobbs 1
Maybe you guys might want to implement it (1) in browser, using google earth plugin, and (2) not only for past flights but for the curent, like is doing. It's very exciting to be able to see real cockpit view in real time!
Vincent Chen 1
How come some flight doesn't have the KML option?
Daniel Baker 1
What flight?


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