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Concorde (1993) IAD-LHR (Video)

Interesting piece shot by passenger, who was permitted, during the flight into the cockpit .. Of course it's pre-9-11, but also NOT a US carrier or US pilot ( More...

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oowmmr 3
thats a grand ole plane...mach 2@60k thats almost a space plane. PUFF!!!
Scott Kalin 1 is 400k feet and orbit is Mach 26+
Martin Dennett 2
Some of the comments on YouTube have been unbelievably stupid and ill-informed.
Peter Allum 2
Concorde was a fabulous aircraft. She might have been noisy but having seen them take off from LHR on many occasions it certainly added to the experience. Living in Cornwall we used to hear the sonic booms every evening as they flew north of us along the Bristol channel on the way back. They often used to fly over us on the outbound leg, though not at supersonic speed.

I also saw, at an airshow, one of the times when a Concordes flew in formation with the Red Arrows, following just behind the Reds who were in a V formation. Wow, what a sight !
I remember sitting in a Pan Am 747, at Heathrow, the American Pilot, over the P.A.
said if you look to the left the worlds noisiest aeroplane is just taking off, It was of course Concord. Eight and a half hours, later when we arrived in New York, I asked
one of the Flight Attendants to tell the Captain, Concords back in London.and we have only just arrived.
I flew on it once, it was on a series of charter flights, between London and Cairo, at that time everybody on board was invited to visit flight deck, and shown
how the whole plane increased in size, whilst flying at mach 2.It even had a special carpet, which stretched, and upon landing still had ripples in it, as it had not gone back to its original size. Wonderful plane, just too noisy, and not very fuel efficient,
Travis Roberts 3
Did you notice how empty the concord was?
Stan Murray 1
Sad we in OZ never had a scheduled service _ something about the noise "upsetting" the overflown Asian Countries _ When compared to many of the tracks now used Middle East to OZ - all over water _ we can only think of _ what might have been ?
I didn"t mind the "shaky" camera work _ had thoughts of the photographer wending their way around the aircraft _ camera in one hand _ drink in the other.
Indeed, we can have the nostalgia of past trips in the cockpits, in USA but also in all civilized countries ...
Jim Quinn 1
That was good. Very good. Slipped it right in there! And yes, I'm in the U.S. but I do appreciate sharp humor even when directed toward my own country...
jmilleratp 1
That's a whole lotta fuel for a handful of passengers!
Jeremy Kudlick 0
And here's the return trip!

I was lucky enough to be at KIAD the day British Airways had one last special Concorde flight, and watched it fly to the north and take a gradual turn east.
Pretty shaky for as steadicam.
Jim Quinn 0
If I remember correctly, Concorde could not travel between the US and the UK with a full load of passengers due to weight. If it were fully loaded with passengers it did not have enough fuel on board for the trip.
chalet -1
Don't show shaky videos


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