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TSA Finds Three Landmines in Woman's Luggage

A New Jersey woman flying to San Francisco to attend an explosives demonstration packed three shrapnel-filled landmines for the occasion. TSA screeners were not impressed. ( More...

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The devices were confiscated, she was rebooked and allowed to proceed to San Francisco. At the same time, it sounds quirky they didn’t check further .. while it was said these “were harmless”, who’s to say someone else on the same flight was not carrying the other required components and got thru ?
AccessAir 0
If this stuff was in checked baggage I doubt that another person with other devices could access the cargo hold of the aircraft.
actually there are a lot of ramp agents who are paid less than necessary to live, so i can see how 6 figures may motivate some already sketchy ramp agents to connect the dots. There are a lot of loopholes in the so-called security.

Toby Sharp 4
TSA actually did their job should be the story here
Zach Katona 2
I agree, can't blame TSA for this one. It should be obvious to pack items like that in checked baggage even if they are fake.
Bill Winslow 1
Actually, they found fake landmines, no explosives, which are still banned. (Why?)
AccessAir 1
Toy guns are banned as well...obviously some people dont know the difference....
preacher1 2
These probably ought to be put in the firearms and locked case category.
AccessAir 1
Finally,a story about the TSA not sreaning young children that are in a wheelchair or hugging their grandparents.
preacher1 1
Well, you would have thought that with all the negative publicity lately, they would have saw to it that was more than just the blurb they got in this story, that they finally did somthing right.
They in fact did catch a goofball who must be dense in the first place. Remains to be seen of they can catch a true terrorist. Are there any big time terrorists still trying to blow up a plane? Maybe its been there done that! Who knows. But I sure hope there is a huge threat to keep 60k people chasing it.


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