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Sonic Cruiser Returns, Quietly

You thought the Sonic Cruiser was dead -- sacrificed more than nine years ago for the 787-yielding Super Efficient. ( More...

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Falconus 1
I wonder what at what speed that airplane is most efficient. As it said, at its normal speed, there would be a lot of extra drag due to approaching the sound barrier. Would it be more efficient at say, mach .85, and if so, what would the fuel burn be? I know that probably nobody here has an idea, I'm just curious to know whether if at normal (say, Mach .85) speed, it would be more or less efficient than a conventional similarly-sized aircraft. Then of course you could always fly it much faster if you needed to for some reason.
Roland Dent 1
Ba assured that this machine will be more efficient over M1. Ya casnnot design it any other way unless they are usin some kinda secret propulsion sysytem.
99NY 1
Looks alot like an up-sized Beriev Be-200 with a more blended and further aft wing.
Jason Feldman 0
There is not a huge significant flight time from .85 to .98. Now if it was supersonic and economical - now that would be worth it.


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