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Six Things Airlines Can Do For Happier Travelers

Air travel stinks. That’s a given. But the question is whether business travel can be improved. ( More...

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Richard Judy 4
#7 - Eliminate the fees for checked bags...stupidest think I've ever heard of

#8 - Enforce the carry-on rules. Make the person that doesn't want to check their 500lb bag check it!
Those are some changes they made that need to get unchanged!!!!!
You would think that airlines who have been unable to share in industry profits would at least consider changing some of their ways. "to keep doing what you are doing and expect a different result" is the definition of ............insanity. Or stupid. Take your pick.
preacher1 3
Amen Bro.!!!!! Actually stupid probably fits best. An insane man doesn't know what he is doing. A stupid one does but fails to realize he is wrong or at least needs to change
I'd probably pick stupid also. I don't know squat about the airline business but from a general business standpoint how long does it take to realize that status quo ain't cuttin it and maybe change ought to be considered. And I don't mean changing the in flight beverage menu.
Peter Cooper 3
just enforce the carry-on bag(s) rules in relation to size & weight. I'm sick of trying to put my small carry on bag into an overhead locker that has been filled by the PAX sitting next to me who has 2 huge wheeled bags totalling 50KG as well as a coat, laptop & sundry other packages crammed in. I usually decide to leave my bag in the under seat stowage, but some airlines frown on the practice. One rule for all would solve a small but important cause of PAX frustration.
John Cook 1
Enforce carry on bag rule!! Fill the aircraft from the rear. Stop trying to get more money for aisle and window seats.
sparkie624 1
Some of them are ok, but agree with Richard Judy. And some of those are just crazy.
Mike Mandell 1
I think this article is written without a clue as to actual business operations at major airlines. Most of the technical stuff is done by computer programming online, so there is little expense at the airline end. Paying a certain fee for a certain seat is interesting, but don't they already do this? You are almost always offered to "upgrade" to a better seat during the purchase process. I agree that a purchased ticket should be "owned". I never understood why changing a passenger name cost the airlines 150.00. What is it to them, so long as the correct person shows up at the airport? Doesn't your change online show up on their computers automatically?
Baggage is a big deal, and something needs to be done about it. Going back to free checked bags should be done (or else bury the cost). Business travelers in a hurry would have more room to bring on their stuff without competing with leisure travelers trying to avoid fees.
Flying used to be an enjoyable experience. Now it just plain sucks. Forget all the add-on fees for baggage and every other conceivable thing and just reflect the airlines' additional costs up-front on the ticket price. Personally, I love to fly but I'm glad I don't have to very often.
Mike Stinnett 1
How about simply boarding the aircraft starting with the aft passengers first to eliminate the "log jam"?
preacher1 1
Requires common sense. Front end pax might actually enjoy not having to sit on the plane as all the other bodies came brushing by. Airlines have just ASSUMED that higher price pax ought to like that as a perk. They haven't thought abought the fact that they could kick a plane out of the gate 5-10 minutes quicker.
Even SWA could use some refinement on the boarding free for all. It resembles black Friday at wal mart. Lol


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