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North Korean Rocket Launch Failed

"Defying international concerns, North Korea fired a long-range rocket early Friday, but it appears to have fallen into the sea, splintering moments after takeoff, South Korean and U.S. officials said." ( More...

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Tim Smith 11
What the world knows: the rocket failed, they suck again.
What North Korea is telling their citizens: the rocket was a success, it made it to Pluto and we now consider it a planet again.
Wendell Smith 2
What's up with the Squawk Police? Go away!!!
99NY 2
Thats a pretty bad black eye for NK.
FAILURE of their rockets is in deed GOOD NEWS to the World of Peace .... So much for using it as a "celebration" of the 100th birthday of a former dictator.

[This poster has been suspended.]

tim mitchell 2
Them and Iran too
zennermd 1
I'm confused. They can build a nuclear weapon, but not a rocket? Does anyone else thinks that's a little backwards?
...what were we all concerned about??
richard weiss 1
This was a golden opportunity for the USA to test that new laser system designed to burn holes in rockets and destroy its structural integrity.... Hummm
David Brooks 1
The North Koreans are learning what rocket science is all about. A lot of failures. What I don't understand is the mentality of the North Koreans to send money and resources they don't have.
Ric Wernicke 1
Am I the only one who thought the Satellite looked like a cardboard box wrapped in foil?
alistairm 0
I'm really sad about this news:(


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