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1986 story - Marine Accused of Taking El Toro Jet on 2 a.m. Joy Ride

A record-breaking young glider pilot, now an enlisted flight mechanic, took an unauthorized pre-dawn joy ride Friday in an $18-million jet fighter based at El Toro Marine Corps Air Station, officials said. He was identified as Lance Cpl. Howard A. Foote Jr., 21, of Los Alamitos. The Marine Corps said he donned a flight suit at 2 a.m. Friday and climbed aboard an unarmed A-4M Skyhawk. He took off from an unlighted runway, flew about 50 miles and returned to the base half an hour later, officials… ( More...

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george bruton 1
Im confused.... says his 21 but says he joined the USMC in 1986? OR am I just reading it wrong.
Daniel Baker 1
The story is from 1986 as well (see the squawk title and article timestamp)

Ricky Scott 1
The Scooter was one of my Fav Aircraft. Thought it was the best Blue Angels aircraft bar none. Would take them over anything else the Angels flew and or flying.

Got to work on them in A School. We had 7 scooters to practice on.
Brian Bishop 1
That is some serious balls for a Lance Corporal!
Wonder where that fellow is today.
Ric Wernicke 1
That should teach the Marines not to leave the keys in the aircraft!

The man in the story seems to be involved today in solar power projects in China through a series of penny stock companies.

In 1991 he was going to set a high altitude record in an aircraft powered by microwaves beamed up from the ground. It never worked, but a bag of popcorn left in the cockpit was delicious.
Toby Sharp 1
Sounds like a pretty cool guy. Impressive gliding records while in high school as well. The guy in the newer movie Pearl Harbor took that P40 up with a nurse in his lap one evening and all he got was some action in the parachute hangar immediately after landing!


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