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Pilot Uses Old-School Plane to Score Photos of New Apple Data Center

Last week, Wired released aerial photos of a new Apple data center construction site in North Carolina. How did we get them? A drone? A chopper? ( More...

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chalet 2
I don't see anything special about this worth posting, now if this guy pulled something similar flying over Area 51 in Nevada, that would be front page news in tnhe NY Times(LOL!!!)
Those are nice photos, but i'm not quite sure if its such a big deal, because you can see it using Google Earth (as described in the article) and i'm pretty sure that there are photos on the internet. On the other hand, his airplane look very nice and well kept.
Scott Young 1
I think you meant part 135. Aerial photography is excluded from part 135 requirements in FAR 119.1. A commercial pilot can legally operate under part 91 rules and sell the photographs.
I wonder if he would need to operate under part 131 rules to take those pictures...
sparkie624 0
Don't see why. Part 91 would work fine as long as he did not make a profit from them. If he was just flying over and decided to take photos, no problem. If he went on a mission to sell the images for a profit, then probably so.
Sorry, I did mean part 135 rules! sure, he could operate under part 91 but there is a fine line as to whether or not you are 'selling' them. Example by the AOPA is that a private pilot cannot fly a real estate agent that is going to take pictures for show of a property for sale under part 91 rules unless he lands at the departure airport. See the difference?
sparkie624 1
I thought so.
smez 1
...In other news, the aircraft was involved in a mid-air during a clear day...


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