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Mesquite, TX, To Spend $1 Million On Control Tower

When city officials first proposed a new control tower at Mesquite Metro Airport in Mesquite, TX, they planned for a seven story structure which would cost about $2 million. That proposal was based on a similar tower under construction in McKinney, TX. The FAA gave the city a grant for $1.5 million, and the city agreed to add $500,000 to the effort. Construction was approved in July of 2010, and the design work began. ( More...

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zennermd 3
I think they might be compensating for something... if you know what I mean.
Toby Sharp 2
they could get away with a 3 story tower out there, the airport is in the middle of a bunch of super flat farm land with fields surrounding it
preacher1 1
They got to keep up with
Kevin Ford 2
why, pray tell, does it need to be eight stories tall?
Kevin Ford 2
Wow...all great reasons to spend millions more dollars what with the tax deficit and all...
Larry Cooley 1
My son lives CLOSE to the airport. He and most of the nearby residents do not want an unsightly 8 story tower looming up in their everyday lives. Also, as a resident of Mesquite, I don't understand why we need such a big tower. Maybe when it's finished we'll have TSA workers at the driveway entrance to the airport.
Jim Quinn 1
I flew out of Mesquite for years and I know the answer to the question about why they need an 8-story tower: To get away from all the mosquitoes! The nearby lake's outflow from the dam creates massive pools of water and the mosquito population is incredible! They're big enough to carry away small pets and children!
Kevin Ford 1
Another reason why this country is so far in debt...


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