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Congressional letter to Pinnacle COO re bankruptcy (PDF)

We write to express our dismay upon learning that Pinnacle approved six-figure raises for its executive leadership mere weeks before entering bankruptcy protection. This revelation is especially troubling in light of allegations that Pinnacle has failed to properly pay employees since May of last year, leading to financial hardship and missed mortgage payments for some pilots. Our concern is further compounded by the fact that Pinnacle has not yet fulfilled its obligations to all of the families… ( More...

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Captain777 2
Quality leaders lead by example and do not ask others to do what they are unwilling to do if they have the same skills. In this case, quality leaders do NOT give themselves pay raises while demanding employees take cuts. Yet, the unmitigated audacity of these New York Idiots (Senators and Representatives) is offensive . . . given that they contributed to our Nation's financial woes while personally remaining insulated. They continue drinking the Obama kool-aid of fiscal irresponsibility at unprecedented levels. Their performance in Congress at damaging our Nation's financial strength is treasonous.
andrew tobin 1
I know a few Colgan pilots, almost every single one of them is just doing it to built some hours before moving to a regional that will pay the bills without needing a second full-time job.


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