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F-15 Mid Air Collision (VIDEO ~ AUDIO)

Watch bottom right as in coming jet, impacts second aircraft. As seen and heard from the pilots perspective. ( More...

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sparkie624 2
WOW, that is quite dramatic. Hope the pilot was able to get out safely.
Joseph Girone 2
Judging from the video/audio he probably did, thank God!
He ejected almost 30 years ago. The incident was a training accident off the coast of South Korea in 1982. The footage of an F-15 is clearly spliced into the video. Uncut video from the fighter's camera is readily available on YouTube.
Per a friend at .. the link below is a different incident .. from what I posted .. one was during training the other, was in actual combat area
Strange that the video below has the same audio as the one you posted, but has been verified through DoD that it is video from Racoon 1 (F-16) which went down over the Yellow Sea after being hit by a USMC F-4.

Same video with some explanation text superimposed at
jkarides96 0
Here's the full original version that shows the airplane going down afterwards.

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indy2001 9
I have to say that yours was one of the least appropriate responses that I have ever read.

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Falconus 1
That still wouldn't justify his response. I don't care if there were twenty pilots that didn't scream in that circumstance; it's not like there's something wrong with the one who did when he 1. very possibly just lost a friend in the other airplane and 2. is in a very life-threatening situation himself.
stol701 -6
Present evidence? relax Francis.....

The pilot has the responsibility to see and avoid other aircraft, either visually or electronically, and the Air Force has the responsibility to not run jets (that the tax payer owns) into each other. Furthermore, I would like to think that our "hero" pilots were trained better at staying cool under the most trying circumstances......that is their job after all.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but thumbs down will never hurt me. Spineless cowards.....
richard weiss 0
More proof that you are truly an A$$hole
Fred White 2
He's probably not an a$$hole. He's probably a real nice guy in person. You know, a guy that's nice to everyone and gets walked all over because he doesn't have the nuts to stand up to someone face to face. So he leaves remarks like this to get your goat so he can chuckle about it and feel better about himself. Typical Keyboard Rambo all safe and sound in his apt.. Classic.
PVUpilot 8
Lets put you up there and see how well you do since you are quick to criticize... Oh God we would ALL be screwed! You will never find a better hero than an American hero.

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richard weiss 2
even more proof
richard weiss 1
You are truly an A$$H0lE, Stol701
stol701 -2
Why thanks Dick!
richard weiss 1
At least I got one
You just used the work...Dick. That would indicate you are a female that is too afraid use your name stol701...gee.. That's the answer... a female.
tim mitchell 1
weeeelllll.....if you thought you were about to die I bet your voice would go up a couple of octives too
And just who the hell are you? I hope you leave your parent's basement sometime and try talking smack in the real world so somebody puts you back in your place. Turn down the keyboard courage.
And we are sure you are a seasoned combat vereran as you seem to know just what should have been done. Likely, being the brave "hero" you would hope to be, you would radio calmly that you have hit another aircraft and are coming apart and going down in flames....all before you blew the canopy...if it could have been blown.


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