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Blue Angels’ New York City Fly-By

Earlier today I heard a rumor that two Blue Angels F/A-18′s were going to make do a fly-by over New York. Fellow New York aviation geek Robert Cigliano tweeted that the Blue Angels had just been cleared for takeoff at nearby Farmingdale Republic Airport. Not one to miss the opportunity to go planespotting, so I grabbed my camera and ran out the door. Sure I was on the wrong side of the city, and maybe I was using the wrong lens, but the pictures turned out alright. Here’s what we saw from… ( More...

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Pileits 1
Wasting tax payer money.
Maybe, but in most cases the Air Force and Navy will operate these sort of fly-bys as part of a scheduled training or proficiency flight. By doing things like these fly-by's they get a PR great opportunity for free.
alistairm 1
What kind of equipment were you using to shoot with? Sucks to shoot at that distance, for the AF will just get the foreground. Maybe try a more center-weighted focal point? Thanks for sharing;)
A Canon Rebel T2i with the Canon EF-S 35-55mm zoom lens. Needed a telephoto to really catch those planes, then again that might have cut out the city skyline.
alistairm 1
Yeah, you need at least a 55-200mm. I am roughly 6 miles - direct - from CYUL and i can take pictures of aircraft taking off. I have to blow them up and they are a bit grainy, but i can still see the lettering on the side of the aircraft. Of course, when i am right next to the runway, it takes spectacular pics. The lenses are only a few hundred bucks for an entry level and they are very decent.


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