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TSA find loaded gun, Doctor arrested @ KCLE

A northeast Ohio doctor has been arrested after a loaded gun was discovered in his carry on luggage at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. ( More...

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Pileits 2
TSA success, ONE gun and 220 MILLION finger nail clippers
That is a big mistake on his part. But in reality what do you do with a gun on the plane? Shoot a few people? You can do that anywhere. They will probably relieve the doctor of some of his money though.
pilot0987 1
What I don't get is why this is a news worthy article. Security finally found an item that there supposed to be there looking for. It's not like he was trying to hide the fact that it was his crap. I don't see any body writing news stories about a plumber fixing a clogged toilet why, because its his job.
dmanuel 1
Again the focus of the event is all wrong. True, he was found to be in possession of a banned item, however the rhetoric is elevated to that of implying they averted a terroristic event. Obviously, they quote passengers who appear to have no grasp of the facts. Are they really making aviation safer, in this case, by making a big show of arresting him? I doubt it. I bet everyone of you could find some deviation of a law and extrapolate out a highly unlikely result. As Sgt. Friday would say "just the facts please".
sparkie624 1
Sounds like an honest mistake that will cost them Dearly... A Note the the wise... If you did not pack your Luggage yourself... Inspected closer than TSA will, because if anything is amiss, they will make a big deal about it and we will be reading about you instead of some other idiot.
phil allison 1
This actually happens a lot. ATl has many per day and between the city and two counties they've figured a way to make it a real money maker. In reality, a fool on a cell phone driving a freeway at 75 mph is a greater threat to more people than a gun on a plane - and i see two or more of those every day. They're making a big deal about nothing.


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