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Southwest should hurry DFW exit, Ft. Worth mayor says

AirTran, now a subsidiary of Southwest, is being pressed to accelerate its timetable for ending service at Dallas/Fort Worth -- something it must do to remain in compliance with a compromise Southwest agreed to in 2006. ( More...

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JJ Johnson 2
The Mayor of Fort Worth is an American Airlines sycophant. Politicians make me sick
Rob Claybrook 1
This is last year's news. AirTran no longer serves DFW.
JD345 1
Two articles, both from the same site, both from the same guy, both from May 2011.
JD345 1
Gotta love the anarchy of laws we have in this country. You can't discuss leaving DFW before the merger, but once it's done you need to be gone yesterday.
Chris Cotter 1
AirTran left back in November. Hated to see them go, lost a lot of friends to the Love Field move.


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