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Meet Boeing's Enemy No. 1

John Leahy, the American super salesman who propelled Airbus from European upstart to the world's largest maker of passenger jets, disclosed he has no plans to retire for several years from a post which has made him Boeing's most visible adversary. Leahy, 62, has been in charge of Airbus sales since arriving in Toulouse in 1994. Since then, the planemaker says it has sold more than 10,000 aircraft worth $1 trillion at list prices, or four out of five of the Airbus jets ever built. ( More...

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Lloyd Boyette 1
ROFL! Way to go Leahy! Although, you have to give credit where credit is due... that's a great Salesman to take a company from 9% to 64%. That is some skill.
Roland Dent 1
Easy selling when you discount heavily and have European taxpayers under write the company, the extensive guarantees and give away prices.
And yet Boeing just got nailed by the WTO for doing the same thing you've railed Airbus about.
Roland Dent 1
Caese of the tail wagging the dog? The WTO could not exist without the goodwill

and support of the USA itself. The real issue is highlighted by this quote...

"The dual cases have become increasingly important as competitors from China, Canada and Brazil emerge, and the rulings may set industry-defining guidelines for government support in the $70 billion civil-aviation industry."

Note the word "guide lines". The real enemy is China and India and Russia 'cause they are not part of NAFTA.

Canada and Brazil is no threat to Boeing they are part of NAFTA.

Airbus uses GE engines for some cutomers. Some of these Journos do not understand the issues hence the misleading headline. This is just cheap sensationalism.


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