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Lawsuit Filed Alleging Citibank Is Being Deceptive In Frequent Flier Tax Practice

A federal class action lawsuit has been filed against Citibank in what customers have reported the company lured them in by offering 40,000 frequent-flier miles to open an account but failed to tell them they had to report 2½ cents per mile as income to the IRS. Citibank has been sending 1099 tax forms to customers who received frequent flier ( More...

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Ha! LOL..what a scam!
Ric Wernicke 1
If a banker ever says "I have something for you..." place you hand on your wallet and run as fast as you can with your money to a credit union to catch your breath.
homburge 1
Citibank is a disaster institution.

Even Smith Barney (who merged with them) ditched them last year as the banker for their brokerage accounts. That should say it all...
alistairm 1
A bank being deceptive???? Oh come on, this can't be true!!
John Miller 1
Stay classy, Citi, stay classy! :-P


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