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PeoplExpress To Begin Flights Out Of Pittsburgh If It Can Find Money And Buy Planes

PeoplExpress plans to launch service from Pittsburgh making the city its home and is awaiting government approval. This is a revival of the former airline's name from 1981 to 1987 when it was the fifth largest carrier in the U.S. and largest out of Pittsburgh. It is being launched as a no frills LCC airline using routes to places like West Palm Beach and other east coast destinations. ( More...

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I seriously have an airline that's about to start both passanger and cargo service.

We will be the largerst operator of 777-300er and 787 a/c. All we need is the money for planes, personnel, and of course certification fees. I won't tell you the name because I haven't even reserved the rights to the name yet.

My airline is in the same development phase as peoplexpress, so i thought i'd let you know since this type of stuff is news.
Joseph Girone 2
I love this headline! Yes, having planes (and of course, money) is a prerequisite for an airline to beginning flights.
Harold Dola 1
They're just minor details.
jim garrity 1
I'm sure he can find the planes he need at the bone yard in Az.?
richard weiss 1
The people who start these airlines usually have no intention of making a go of it. Their goal is to draw in the investor class, use the money to line their own pockets, then bankrupt the operation. Meanwhile, thousands of employees are used, investors are soaked, and the CEO's disappear to far off, undisclosed locations. Been there, done that. Got the worthless stock certificates on the wall to prove it.
Frank Vila 1
Nice to See this name who was the Pioneer of the Low Fare New era of the Airlines Chapter...
Matt Wiggins 1
Its actually going to be based out of my home airport of PHF.


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