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24-hr deadline for Kingfisher to submit revised schedule

Beleaguered Kingfisher Airlines was today set a 24-hour deadline to come up with a "realistic" flight schedule by the DGCA which ruled out any immediate punitive action to avert further difficulties to air travellers even as the carrier scrapped 40 more flights. "The airlines will have to file a new schedule instead of a truncated one in the next 24 hours," DGCA chief E K Bharat Bhushan told reporters after the regulator quizzed Kingfisher CEO Sanjay Aggarwal and top… ( More...

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chalet 1
This airline´s problems are far complicated than just one about schedules. Aviation Week just reported the following: Edges Closer To The Brink&channel=comm When some big orders for Airbus 320, even 350s and 380s by this airlne were made in the recent past I just chuckled, how could it be that in a short while they went from nothing to "international class", rates in India are dropping like stones and the number of airlines fighting for that market are mushroming; so those big orders are nothing short of BS, just wait. Same reaction I had when reading about Lion Air from Indonesia buying 200 or 300 single aisle aircraft, how in the world will they ever take all of them and make money if the price of tickets in that country are at tree top level. More or less the same thing can be said about American´s huge order of 600 single aisle and 787s. And last week´s announcement by Norwegian Air Shuttle orders for 320s and 737s totalizing 372 aircraft is to me a PR excercise as theya re intended to be used in a market where the long established and respected SAS airline is having big problems as rates and traffic are way down.


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