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World's best airports announced -- Asia dominates

The latest Airport Service Quality Awards underscore the differences between Asia and the West ( More...

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A.J. Orsino 2
Screw Asia! USA! USA! USA! USA!
alistairm 0
Right, because if it were not for China and all the boat loads of money they lend you, where the heck would you be??
Actually, the USA would be much better off if China didn't loan us any money and was forced to live within its means.
Tim Smith 1
Living within your means is not the American way though!
Ken McIntyre 2
Unfortunately, you are right. At least as far as our politicians are concerned.
canuck44 1
You are so right, Ken...individual Americans are reducing their debt (electively or otherwise) and most States (IL, CA, NY excluded) are reducing their spending and debt while national politicians of both parties continue to reelect themselves on the taxpayers' (50.8% who pay taxes) dime.
Boatinman 0
What is your deal? It seems like every time you post something it's bashing the US..
alistairm 1
Uhhhh, if you say so. First, not everyone on this site is from the USA. Secondly, it is not "bashing", it is called stating facts. As was pointed out to me a while back, this is a multi-national site. Therefore, why is it that most members on here bash other countries? Lastly, i hardly think my comment is bashing the US. If anyone is in the know, they know that the US is nearly 16 trillion dollars in debt and owes nearly 2 trillion dollars to China. How is that "bashing"?? Numbers don't lie. It's just the plain simple truth. Grow up!
connor oslie 1
in case anyone didn't notice, all the asian airports a relatively new >:(
Hartwig Baier 1
As your primary readers are mostly US oriented and compare primarily US Airports, you are getting a one sided picture, while some European Airports are mentioned as the least desirable to fly through.
I feel you should mention two outstanding European Airports, they are Zuerich and Munich They in my opinion can any day compete with the Asian Airports and deserve to be mentioned. They are as modern, clean, efficient customer oriented and as service friendly as any Asian facilities.
alistairm 1
Singapore Changi Airport=1981
Beijing Capital International Airport=1958 (Still has some original buildings)
Hong Kong International Airport=1998
Nagoya Chūbu Centrair International Airport=2005 (offshore)
Incheon International Airport=2001

Yep, most are quite new. Though, they all grew or were built because of the shear volume of air traffic going through all of them or like Nagoya - an offshore airport - because they wanted to keep air traffic away from populated areas when landing and taking off. Chek Lap Kok is immense! Despite the hoards of people that go through there each day, you don't feel like you're in a sardine can! it's sooo spacious inside, all open and bright. I only wish that Manila would open their new terminal to international traffic, From what i saw from the outside, it looks very spacious inside. But, us foreigners are subjected to the old, stuffy terminal:P


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