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Delta flight from Grand Forks to Minneapolis cancelled Sunday: Pinnacle investigating crew

A Delta Airlines flight on a 50-passenger Pinnacle CRJ 200 jet scheduled to leave Grand Forks Sunday afternoon was cancelled and Pinnacle is investigating allegations involving an employee ( More...

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Rich Brown 3
First the four one oh club now this.
Australian regultions require zero blood alchohol and are enforced by spot checks by the Civil Aviation Safety Auhtority.
"one for the road". Bad idea.
Gene spanos 1
Wow.....was she drinking the key question....

sparkie624 1
1 - Said it was a Flight Attendant, not a female crew member, 2ndly, says flight was cancelled, and it was under investigation by Pinnacle Airlines. As an employee of Pinnacle, they are very strict with Alcohol. Zero Tolerance. 2ndly it says Pinnacle was investigating the crew, not the FAA. They may have been FAA legal, just not company legal.
Jeffrey Babey 0
Geez, brings back memories of the drunken Northwest pilots, except I think they actually made the flight out of MSP and were arrested after landing. I don't know how many of you live in the Upper Midwest like me (Twin cities for me) and listen to KQRS 92.5fm But they did a parody of the Northwest pilots years ago for the morning show, it was just
They made it from Fargo and were arrested at the gate in MSP
Jeffrey Babey 1
lol...Thank you Brandon! I did get it backwards didn't I? thanks for the correction :)


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