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Pot-laden plane blows into Obama's air space

(AP) WASHINGTON — Two Air Force F-16 fighters have intercepted a privately owned Cessna airplane that entered the same Los Angeles airspace as Marine One, the helicopter that was ferrying President Barack Obama. A law enforcement official says police discovered about 40 pounds of marijuana inside after it landed at Long Beach Airport. ( More...

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Chris Donawho 6
Dammit... Now I gotta call my other cousin to get weed!!!
Marine one... Mari juan a...
btweston 3
Actually, when you slow it down they sound less alike. But it's a conspiracy, maaaaaan.
chalet 1
You Sharpie One
"This guy picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue! "


What a great reference!
Pa Thomas 7
I live just northwest of LGB. About 11am I spotted Marine One and the whole helo contingent, and I thought that was pretty cool to see. About a half hour later I hear a jet, step out on my patio and there is an F-16 at about 1500 feet in full afterburner making a hard right turn back towards the airport. You don't see that (full afterburner) very often around here, and I was pretty shocked. Every car alarm in this part of town went off. I didn't realize they were after an airspace violator. The F-16's ripped around for about 15 minutes before everything settled down.

This guy picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue!
"This guy picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue! "

Brian Bishop 4
Just don't call him "Shirley"
al fredericks 3
an F-16 at 1500 ft in full A.B. worth the price of a ticket. LOVE IT, LOVE IT
Marcus Pradel 2
Clear example of a guy who should've called flight service for a full briefing before going out flying!

Even if it's CAVU. Probably wondering why the airport was so quiet that day..
chalet 1
Yeah and make sure that he was not going to look down the barrell of two or three 50 cal cannon and the polished noses of a couple AIM-9 Sidewinders.
"Hello Cessna ... This is the USAF ... Were looking for a target today for training practice . Would you like to land"? It was more like 40 lbs of trouble, besides violating the Presidential airspace ...
Matt Haines 3
Not saying he was high....but, I guess this is one of the many reasons they call it "dope."
Gene spanos 1
Hang'em high!!!!!
BC Hadley 1
Lompoc to Long Beach - why didn't they just drive?
jim garrity 1
Just look at the flt. track on 2-9-12! Looks like he was high?
Beeskip 1
DUDE...You can't fly and puff puff at at the same time!!!!
homburge 1
Looks to me like we've finally found a good use for these roving TFRs...
Troy Raiteri 1
At least I think the F-16 pilots did a good job screw all the car alarms that went off they did their job.
How long does it take Marine one to fly to ca from DC ? And what does it cost?
I don't care about the pot....
Dan Sullivan 1
Yes, when the president travels his helicopters & motorocade are flown in in advance on military cargo planes. Then he comes later, comfortably, on Air Force One.
When elder Bush came to Ft. Campbell, Ky to tour the area they brought the helo in days before by plane.
Gary Holden 0
40 pounds should get the obama cronies back to DC
James Stewart -2
Not the sharpest crayon in the box. Unfortunately, I am certain that this sort of smuggling goes on every day but...this will give Obummer and crew one more stick to beat the aviation world with. He'll use it as another justification for the $100 flight fee.
gftt -2
Dear Mr Nobama,

ttttthhhhhhhhhhhhp !!!!!!


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