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Obama Budget Hikes Aviation Fees, Cuts AIP Grants

The President proposes increase passenger fees and GA departure fees. ( More...

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bashdan 1 that sucks big time!
linbb 1
And now the death of private aircraft, they will all now rest at there tiedowns in peace. What a dumb stupid deal, the next thing is all of you who make above a certian amount will all give everyone who doesnt some so that everyone makes the same. Bama Bama who is he???
pika1000 1
For a president that likes to use the aircraft he has at his disposal so much, he sure has a hatred for the aviation industry.
Chris Bryant 1
All part of this administration's class-warfare rhetoric. Evidently, only the evil rich 1% fly.
Easy solution - everyone stops flying "turbine aircraft" and returns to good old-fashined piston-engines! That will show them!

This is such an awful idea. I understand there is a need to fund NextGen, FAA, etc., but a $100/passenger fee is more than a little ridiculous. KIAD averages about 20,000 pax/day through the screening checkpoints, which would mean over $700M just from that single airport in a year - imagine the amount collected from passengers checking in at KORD, KLAX, or KATL! Frequent fliers would get the worst of it, and businesses whose employees travel almost weekly would end up paying a huge amount to the government (I wonder if they would be able to write off the business expenses?)
Joseph Girone 1
One of the biggest mistakes the jokers in Washington make is raising a tax or fee on a service and then using the current level of movement for the product or service to come up with an estimate of how much revenue it will bring in. In other words, if you sell 10 widgets at five dollars each for a total of $50, you can raise the price to $10 and make $100. In reality, anyone with the simplest understanding of economics knows it doesn't work that way. It's called supply and demand. Raise the price and sales drop. Lower the price and sales increase.


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