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Longmont, CO - Airplane lands on busy city street, no Injuries

LONGMONT -- A single-engine propeller plane landed safely on Hover Street on Sunday evening, missing streetlights, trees and holiday traffic. "This is absolutely amazing," said Tim Barth, airport manager at Vance Brand Municipal Airport, as he noted the lights on both sides of Hover. "There is no wiggle room." ( More...

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brian wright 0
I've flown into Longmont many times, and for the pilot to get that plane down intact is simply amazing.
David Brooks 0
Its been awhile since I was in Longmont, but landing on the streets would be difficult at best, but with engine problems, it is amazing. And no damage!
Victor Engel 0
Amazing there are no jokes yet about the street being named Hover.
tim mitchell 0
great landing


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