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Ricky Scott 0
I like that airlines attitude :).
Toby Sharp 0
Ya......I like the cabin lighting make our flight attendants better looking! LOL
Bill Schmiett 0
Tears of laughter. So funny.

Reminds me of Alaska Air back in the good old days. Had a bounced landing and with each touch the FA would say welcome to Seattle.
Bcap 0
I got an email a few years ago with all the same wording, but changed to United States based airlines saying all the funny stuff...either way, it's still hilarious!
Brian Bishop 0
I've actually heard a few of these myself on SWA.
Steve Carter 0
I've heard some of these on Wesjet as well. They must be doing the flight circuit ... er excuse the pun!
reinaldok 0
Best thing since the rapper on SouthWest
reinaldok 0
I liked the one about no smoking in the toilets - They have video-detectors for the captain's entertainment.!!


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