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FAA Launches Website In Ongoing Fight To End Laser Strikes On Aircraft

In the past 11 months, Randy Babbitt, Administrator for the FAA and Ray LaHood, Secretary of the Department of Transportation have worked to raise public awareness about the dangers of shining a laser at an airplane or helicopter. ( More...

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preacher1 0
It would have been nice for them to have put a URL in that article somwhere rather than making someone hunt for it.
Clickable URL:
A M 0
Its in the story second paragraph
preacher1 0
Thank; I was looking for a link or URL. I just missed it. WB
donhun1313 0
Wonder how many of these are unintentional hits on aircraft caused by amateur astronomers using green laaser pointers to high light a particular star or constellation in the night sky.

These green lasers are really popular with amateur astronomers because it makes it easy for one individual to point out a particular star to a group. I have seen these used a lot for star parties and introductory astronomy classes for boy scout troups.
preacher1 0
That wasn't no star party here while back when that kid targeted a police chopper and got surrounded by a whole bunch of boots on the ground.LOL


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