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Boeing Officially Delivers 787 to ANA

Major milestone achieved. "All Nippon Airways, launch customer for the Boeing 787, has taken contractual delivery of its first of 55 aircraft" ( More...

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kenish 0
Reminds me of the "augmentor rings" on turbojet 707s and DC-8s
Looking forward to my first 787 ride.
Michael Fuquay 0
I have been waiting so long to see this headline. Way to go, Boeing!
David Brooks 0
Boeing needs to get on with the B787-900 model now in order to compete with Airbus's A350-WXB.
Ron Dylewski 0
Is that scalloping around the rear engine cowling functional or just a design nod?
Ricky Scott 0
Functional, Reduces Engine Noise a LOT.
Ricky Scott 0
Even though I have only performed a couple sim flights for data taking, this is still a pretty cool event.
mark tufts 0
finally boeing is getting somewhere now lets see if they can keep the building of the 787 on time if now atleast acouple hours ahead of schedule


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