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Ask the Captain: Questions About Fast Flights, Concorde

Interestingly, air travel has become slower over the past few decades. I'm looking at an ad from American Airlines from 1958 touting its new 707 service from LA to New York. ( More...

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Victor Engel 0
I suspect it depends how you measure the speed. What would a comparison look like if you compared how long it took to transport 1000 people from LA to New York.
kevin swiss 0
LA-JFK is still done that fast, just NOT that often and usually now on a 757, which is NOT an AA plane *booh*. 767-200 is too sloooooow. See 752 delta 2263.:)
CriticalMass 0
Eastbound and down, loaded up and truckin, we're gonna do what they say can't be done............ The Bandit knew it did help to be Eastbound.


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