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AUDIO: ATC Recording of Miramar F-18 Crash

This podcast is an edited version of all of the relevant radio traffic between Shooter 25, the F/A-18 and San Diego Approach. Shooter 25 crashed near Miramar on December 8, killing four people on the ground. The tape has been compressed to delete gaps and transmissions not relevant to the accident. ( More...

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ruagatr 0
Has to be the dumbest series of decision making ever--
toolguy105 0
1 engine out the other failing. Common sense say land at nearest available airport. Who made the decision to press on for the Naval Airstrip?
reinaldok 0
This case is still red hot - four of those involved have been suspended and nine reprimanded. There are many who truly believe that military standards are very different for those in the civilian field. Great consolation for the grieving families, who had their homes destroyed and family members killed.


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