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FAA seeks $1M penalty for Boeing 777 problem

WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal government says Boeing should pay a $1 million penalty for problems with the emergency oxygen system on its 777 planes. The Federal Aviation Administration says it found . . . ( More...

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Wingscrubber 1
So the FAA can mandate removal of oxygen systems from lavatories, but then must enforce penalties for a potential fault in the main oxygen system which is tested to be ok? Seems like a contradictory agenda to me.
Boeing will get that fine reduced to pennies.....

[This comment was deleted.]

To me this is a federal agency attempting to make up for budget reductions by levying fines against a business.
alistairm -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

FAA seeks $1M penalty for Boeing 777 problem

FAA wants $1 million penalty for installation problems with Boeing 777 oxygen system
calbert 0
humm..The test showed no problems, but faa is still looking for 1.05million? I wander where that money will go.
Brian Bishop 0
I wonder if those hoses were made in South Carolina? That would explain everything!
Sooooo.... Where do the fines like these and delayed delivers end up being paid out to?


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