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Airbus success piles pressure on Boeing

Boeing will fail if major changes in there business model is not made,They have china Aerospace in there future as well. ( More...

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Brian Bishop 0
Pretty bold statement there H. Care to qualify that at all?

BTW, my high school English teacher daughter would "fail" your one sentence headline, as it contains at least three major mechanical errors in punctuation and usage of the word "there". Just sayin'.
Noah Watson 0
@(bishops90) this is a airliner website not grammer so cool it.
Brian Bishop 0
That would be "an" airliner website. :)
Brian Bishop 0
If one desires to be taken seriously in any communication forum, at least basic fifth grade grammar is not too much to ask is it? The OP began by predicting the "failure" of the largest aerospace manufacturer in the world! I'm done.
@bishop sorry about the loose grammar, my training is in military science and aerospace engineering , however I hope you understand what I'm trying say about Boeing's lack of vision. they simply reacts to airbus. They've done little with there proven products, the B748 is a reaction to the A380, recently announced improvements to the b777 is reacting to the A350, now the b737 is being abandoned by their biggest customers for the A320 Neo. You know things are not going well when Ryan Air decides to buy from china.
Noah Watson 0
Ur realllllly stuuuuppiidd!!! can u understand that???
Dylan0 0
Quit flaming him, and yes Boeing does have a lot of work to do if it wants to stay ahead of Airbus, the delays in the production of the 787 have really cost them.
amado leon 0
Boeing aircraft are better .than airbus,anyway.
preacher1 0
The Boeing aircraft are probably more pilot friendly but pilots don't buy aircraft. While the Boeing product is good and they have outgunned or bought out all the competition over the years, and have been the main show in town for several years, they must realize that there is a more serious competitor out there right now than they ever seen. With the tanker scare a few months ago and now AB blowing it's own horn loudly, they can't rest on THEIR laurels.


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