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Horrifying Video Shows the Crash of a 168-Passenger Caspian Airlines Flight in 1999

There are no words to describe the horror in this video, which shows the crash of a Caspian Airlines airliner with 168 people on board. The crash happened on July 15, 2009, but this is the first time the video has been published. The aircraft was a Tupolev Tu-154M flying from Tehran, Iran, to Yerevan, Armenia. The accident happened at 11:33AM local time, 16 minutes before the crash. One of the engines caught fire just before the plane fell down uncontrollably, destroying a large area on the… ( More...

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Justin Bradley 0
Gizmodo updated their article. This is a crash of an Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force IL-76MD.
Dubslow 0
Fail by gizmodo
Joe Raio 0
Big time. Still a crazy video either way.
Mark Krawiec 0
My God bless all of the passengers on board the airplane...
Ron S 0
Could that have been from turbulance from the c130? May god bless all those whom passed and there family
Actually the result of a midair collision with an F-5.

Yup, reporting at its finest o.0
toolguy105 0
The tail section looks to be missing from the falling plane. Anyone know what caused the the tail to separate from the plane?


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