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US Airways: "No urgency to merge"

US Airways Group (LCC) is in no rush to merge with bankrupt American Airlines and expects its rival to defer any review of a possible deal now that it has asked a judge for more time to formulate an exit plan on its own. ( More...

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preacher1 2
From the Story in Parker's own words
"That delay is fine by us - there is certainty no urgency to merge," US Airways' chief executive, Doug Parker, said in a note to employees on Wednesday."American is in bankruptcy and we need to respect the bankruptcy process, so we are doing just that," .

What a bunch of BS. He was hot to trot. Somebody must have really yanked his chain
Pete Schecter 1
there is NOTHING that us airways has touched that they have not turned to shit. Good for AA and their customers if this never occurs.
chalet 1
When AA went into Chapter 11 U.S Airways jumped the gun and plunged headlong in a campaign to merge or buy AA out, whatever, eager as a beaver but here comes this "no rush" to merge announcement. This tells me one of two things: (a) when performing the due dilligence process they saw something that they did not like, or (b) they realized that AA is just too big to swallow and the combined airline would not be manageable.
preacher1 1
They couldn't have done a true "DUE DILIGENCE" as thay had made no formal offer and weren't allowed to see the books. As far as the other, he has a board to answer to. I feel they just yanked his chain for the reason of which you speak here.


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