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Conduct code for unmanned aircraft is unveiled

A trade group for drone aircraft manufacturers and operators has released the industry's first code of conduct in response to growing privacy concerns. ( More...

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Just a bunch of words. Has no bearing on what really happens. Wonder if it will be legal to shoot them down or will they be classified as aircraft?
preacher1 1
They probabably have their place but my concern is them getting in the way of a manned aircraft more than a privacy issue. There are a lot of neighborhoods that are in airport proximities, having very tightly controlled and regulated airspace over them.Some of those neighborhoods may need surveilance, BUT, that aispace is under control of ATC and those charts are there for a reason. It can't happen both ways. That said, it probably won't get a good thought until there is a midair with a triple 7 on approach to one of those airports
Lots of issues to sort out with these babies.


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