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Ask The Captain: How Do Pilots Execute a 'Go Around?'

Hello Captain Cox, I've been on a small number of flights where we experienced a go around just as we were approaching the arrival runway. The instances were either weather-related (heavy wind and rain) or the aircraft landing ahead of us not clearing the runway in time for ours to land safely. I'd be very interested in learning what steps a pilot performs in preparing and executing a go around. ( More...

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mark tufts 1
Gene spanos 1
With 70,000 flights per day - all approved by the FAA -
you have to wonder....
Pileits 1
Simple, pedal to the metal and pull back on that house proximity valve to make the houses get smaller.
Tom Churchman 1
Well the first thing you do if you have goofed up your approach by swinging wide on base to final and being too close in to safely land is announce there is a dog on the runway and you are going around! (joke) In reality after flying for over 40 years I don't think any non student of mine has ever asked that question, this may be due to the couple of runway incursions that were in the news these past two weeks or as simple as it is stated in the article.


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