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Oh, the joys of thrust vectoring

"We are highly trained professionals. Do not try this at home" ( More...

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Bill Schmiett 7
Like the distance to clear a 50' obstacle maneuver at the end.
Peter Cooper 4
There's just no substitute for thrust by the truckload, is there ?
james scarff 1
Gives Vx a whole new meaning.

JD345 1
There's a website with headlines like "Oh, the joys of thrust vectoring" on the front page. Praise the Lord.
Yes Jack, welcome to our little corner of the internet. Isn't it nice to be able to talk about stuff like this and not get looked at funny? I'm an island amongst my friends, being that I'm the only pilot. This website is my hiding place. Hahahaha
JD345 2
It's excellent, isn't it? This has been one of my top browsing destinations for about two years. To outsiders I refer to it as my airplane dork site... I'm on this site for something or another on at least a daily basis.
I've been here just about everyday for almost 2 years as well. I call it my aviation nerd site and get deer in headlight looks from my friends all the time. Sorry, you read gossip on TMZ, I read articles about F-22's.


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