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NY Mayor Bloomberg Violates Heliport Curfew

Lets ALL enforce the rules, for eveyone. Maybe Mr. Bloomberg should be using a driver after hours and not a pilot. ( More...

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Good role modeling mike go ahead and break some more laws !
He said he wasn't aware of curfew... I am calling BS on that!!
tim mitchell 1
Do as I as I say not as I do; I am Mayor and I can do whatever I like- Mayor Bloomberg
phil gibson 1
Don't do as I as I say. Nothing more than an ARROGANT Politician.....he thinks he is above the law....he will get no reprimand........oh well......SNAFU!
Ric Wernicke 1
The mayor should set an example and follow the rules, but we need to allow wide latitude for elected officials because no matter how anyone feels about them personally, they have been chosen by the majority to represent the business of the people.

I am more concerned about the additude of the people who build and move in next to a working heliport and then complain about the noise. They use their wealth and connections to advance their agenda to deny the public's right of accomodation through the use of the heliport. The doctor in the story should know to close the window to talk on the phone.


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