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Airbus: new rivet problems won't ground A380

....Aluminum rivets, used in the plane's front body, appeared to be too weak to sustain large pressure, the newspaper said, adding that the European Air Safety Authority (EASA) was considering orders for the six most critical rivets to be replaced with parts made of stronger titanium. ( More...

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preacher1 3
Boy that would be a trip: starting descent, lower cabin pressure and off come de nose.
sparkie624 1
Either that or the Roof... Ref Aloha 737.
JD345 3
The engine fell off... Don't worry, that's no big deal!
The wings are starting to crack... Don't worry, that's no big deal!
The rivets can't withstand pressure... Don't worry, that's no big deal!
preacher1 1
Hell, just teething problems on a new
Marcus Pradel 2 doesn't end!
al fredericks 1
TO HELL WITH IT -just give me the boeings of a earlier era, 707,727 or douglases 8, 9. make the avonics/engines effecienct. THATS ALL WE NEED. this new monster stuff is all money. talking to passengers they do not see the need for the new stuff. myself i'll take the DC-3 anytime
chalet 1
I have said this before and won´t mind saying it again: in their haste to send their respective planes to their very aggravated and irate customers due to the 2-3 year delays Boeing and Airbus did not do a complete and thorough job specially on the 380 which is hitting the headlines more often and in not quite positive notes.
Hard to fathom A380 nose held on by just six "critical" rivets. Are the other thousands just for show or justify the price of the behemoth?
John Casebeer 1
It is just a matter of time until all these airframe problems come to a head; either a disastrous crash or grounding of the airplane.
Great! Another reason why size isnt always the best! Stick with Boeing peeps.
canuck44 1
Probably a relatively cheap fix for six rivets and three hours down time as long as the US Government is not buying the rivets for them.
Just make life easy and stick with the 747. No need to make something so big. 747 is Just right.
Gary Lam 1
Well, so much for your criticism of the A380 which has been operating since 2007. How would you like to be on the maiden revenue flight and the landing gear would not deploy when it reached the destination??? Surprise surprise it is the ANA Boeing 787 Dreamliner!!!!
preacher1 1
We'll criticize it too if they put the story out. I don't believe they did on that one unless I missed it.
Gary Lam 0
It is typical that when there is something wrong with a Boeing plane it is not blown out of proportion but when it is an Airbus plane they make a mountain out of a mole hill. I think an undercarriage failing to engage on landing is Very Serious and it happened to The much publicised Dreamliner 787 should be Top Headlines but it was not!!Why? Another Boeing plane the Boeing 747-8 intercontinental, Boeing had to disable the tail tank to get the plane into service, a big problem in my opinion when something is not working and it had to disable it while thye find a solution but it is still being flown and why no Big Issue? Because it is Boeing!!!
MimosaDrive 1
Blown out of proportion? I think the article said "a sudden drop in cabin pressure could cause the rivets to break, and subsequently the nose of the superjumbo to come off". That sounds it might be less survivable than a landing gear that doesn't deploy.
Gary Lam 1
Well a nose cone coming off is less serious than a the landing not deploying. At the moment it is something that they found through on going improvement and not something that happened, whereas the landing gear situation is factual not what could happen!!!
The article didn't say nose cone could fall off, it said the nose could come off, which IMHO would be very serious!
Y'all need to withhold your comments until the 787 has flown as long as the Airbus 380. It could bite.
preacher1 2
We'll just get it as it comes. It's already had a column full on the delamination. We are all equal opprtunity
Do you think there is a chance Colgan Air will fly A380's from Lafayette to Houston soon? :)
preacher1 2
Gary Lam 1
lol it already started see my comment about the undercarriage not deploying on its first revenue flight hahahah
Gene spanos 1
Amtrak sounds so much safer!
mark tufts -2
a380 accident waiting to happen
thats why i like boeing
microwalda 4
You know that Boeing aircraft also have accidents, right?
Gary Lam 1
I don't think so as it has been the most stringent flight tested commercial plane prior to ceritifcation. The current issue about the rivets is more an ongoing improvement than one of safety. Talking of rivets, how many rivets and how in how many planes did Boeing had to replace on their flagship 787 Dreamliner? Millions and in all their production planes not just 6 as on the A380 !!!!


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