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Are You a Perfect Passenger or Annoying Seatmate?

A new survey reveals who flight attendants think are the perfect passengers, as well as traits of other fliers that annoy them the most. Which type of passenger are you? ( More...

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dave garcia 3
Well then I must be THE perfect passenger! I fly a lot maybe too much that when I get on the plane, get to my window seat I am out like a light. Usually end up awake just before touchdown.I really have to stop doing that I end up missing some cool stuff. Also I always bring a sweatshirt, drink and a snack that way I don't need to bother the attendants. Smooth sailing..uh Flying.
evetselous 2
That comment about complaining about cabin temperature got my attention. My wife is a RN who has had to take of prostrate and unresponsive passengers on cross country flights, including a flight diverted for an unscheduled landing to take the passenger off. We both think that one exacerbating factor is the tendency to keep the cabin too warm. We travel a lot and have had to care for a passed-out passenger three times, sometimes in the aisle and sometimes in the galley. How can the "meat" in economy ask for a little cool air without bothering the flight attendant?
pdixonj 3
most passengers complain about the cabin being too "cold"....not too warm...hence the constant requests for more blankets.
After reading all the comments, i thought wow THRUSTT needs to be thrust on to a bus or his own car, then he can bring his own $%$$#%^ PEPSI, geez you think there going to bring several brands of cola? LMAO ... These are the people who think they can get a blended ice Mocha, It's a plane serving drinks with people, not a full BAR WITH WINGS and bartenders !! and someone to wipe your butt.
dave garcia 1
That's why I bring my own stuff along. Takes all the thought or anxiety out of it. It's not like there's several stores in any given terminal to get whatever drink, snack or whatever else one might need. Easy peesie!!(I think I spelled that right?) Get in sit down, buckle up, shut up and enjoy the ride. Roger,Over and out!
brian wright 2
I just flew on US Air from DCA to SAN yesterday. I think only half of the passengers bothered to bathe prior to the flight. To many people were called 'princess' growing up, and unfortunately, many never stopped believing it. I'm going to update my medical and start flying myself again. Then if I choose not to bathe, I have myself to blame.
Harry Freeman 1
I find that its really the opposite, from living in America the past 3 years I've found that most of the US cabin crew tend to be very rude and "not bothered". If I was to make an exception for one airline it would be Southwest.

On the other hand, airlines like Virgin Atlantic and British Airways have in my case always been great and very welcoming/friendly. Top notch service.
pdixonj 1
Southwest F/A's get paid the most of any other US Airline...they don't anything to be "rude and not bothered" about.
Todd Baldwin 1
I have to agree with you. I live outside the country and when I fly back on my own ticket, I tend to fly Lufthansa or KLM. They are a lot more friendlier and customer oriented.
Jim Quinn 1
Southwest, British Airways, KLM, America West prior to merging and keeping the US Airways name, Korean Air--all pretty good service. I think Korean Air is probably the best, right up there with BA.
MimosaDrive 1
I fly mostly through hubs (not my choice), so "asking for more blankets/pillows" and "asking for a different meal" are not even options to be annoying about. Could I have another 2oz bag of pretzels?
Gene spanos 1
I drive.
This is a story? Really... what a waste of time,
El Kabong 1
To me this reads like a laundry list of complaints by people who's job it is to service paying customers. If you don't like it, find a different job. There was a time when hot chicks in the US would kill to be a 'stewardess'. Those that they hired stayed on for 40 years and never left. Nothing like being serviced by a crotchety old grandma. =(
btweston 2
Well, that's not exactly what their job is. And when you look at it you should notice that this is a list of pretty douchey things to do.
Asking for a different brand of drink??? What's the big deal??? I prefer Pepsi.If you have it, serve it!!!
Definition of an Air Hostess from a dictionary in the 70's - FEMALE between 19 and 35, extremely attractive, ATTENTIVE and OBEDIENT. Willing to have flings with the Co-pilot and select passengers on layovers, hence why it's called a layover.
pdixonj 1
You're exactly the kind of person that gives F/A's something to chat and laugh about on long flights...
They could chat and laugh all they want. After 911, a lot of them have got this air of power around them. Go to use the head in the back by the galley, you could hear them bitching, moaning, and not gving a shit about the passengers within earshot. Granted there are good ones who do their job in a courteous and professional manner, but they are far and few in between. In addition to cabin safety, they are there to get a different drink, a blanket, etc. if requested. They knew coming in what the pay was and what the job entailed. I really don't give a shit if you chat and laugh, as far as I'm concerned, they could replace Flight Attendants with vending machines, a better selection.
they're - sorry.


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