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United Airlines takes delivery of second 787 Dreamliner

United Airlines said on Thursday it had taken delivery of its second 787 Dreamliner jet from Boeing, following a delay by the aircraft maker, and that another three 787s due to arrive this year could also be delayed. ( More...

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Too bad it will miss my flight Nov.4
Ethan Pressl 1
Nikolay Klimchuk UAL1116 to Chicago on Nov. 4 has taken off. Did you miss it?
I'm on EWR-IAH which is not 787 anymore 8-(

RayRev 1
I live near Everett's boeing plant and I see alot of united 787's
Call you United .. They changed my 787 flight on nov. 6 th to a 767 to nov. 7 at no charge and I'm
Back on the 787 ORD -IAH !

thanks ! UAL


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