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Selfentitled Athlete Escorted Off Plane

Olympic sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson posted a series of videos that she claims prove an American Airlines flight attendant harassed her… ( More...

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George Lane 6
If you read the article, the athlete's sense of self-entitlement is perfectly evident, without the poster's editorializing of the headline
Jeffrey Woodhead 5
Important to consider that the poster is a total Dyck.
Tim Dyck -2
Oh snap! You got me there, I havn’t heard slurs like that since elementary school. And I was totally surprised that I would see it on a site like FlightAware since it used to only be followed by mature adults. Oh well as the internet evolves we can find all levels of immaturity everywere.
Have a nice day.
Why are we reading something from Breitbart?


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