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Passengers are forced to bunk up at Boston's Logan Airport after dozens of flights are canceled as snow storm sweeps across New England bringing up to eight inches of snow

Passengers have been forced to sleep on camp beds at Logan Airport after eight inches of snow saw dozens of flights canceled as the winter storm blasts the east coast. Passengers, some who had been stuck at the airport for over 12 hours, said all hotels were booked and flight crews put out cots on the airport floor, while on the other side of the country California was hit by a huge 'bowling ball' storm. ( More...

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sharon bias 2
Really? 8 inches and the place shuts down? Boston gets snow every year. In 2015 they got 108 inches over the winter. Something else is afoot.
Peter Fuller 2
Some parts of western New England got 8 inches of snow, but Boston got only an inch or so. Local TV news here in Boston reported that deicing snafus at Delta’s terminal caused the departure delays and cancellations. AA61hvy is so right that this is “Not a good article.”
AA61hvy 2
BOS gets approx. 1200 flights, daily. 36 flights were cx because of snow. That's 3% of all flights. Not a good article.


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